Medical Tourism

Why India?
  • India has a huge pool of trained manpower – surgeons who are at cutting edge of technology with vast surgical experience because of phenomenal surgical volumes.
  • India has a major advantage that the average population is fluent in English language because of which persons travelling from abroad find communication easy.
  • Improved infrastructure - Hospitals and other infrastructure are fast coming up to the standards of other developed countries.
  • The cost of surgical procedures is fraction of the cost compared to other developed countries.
  • India has a rich cultural heritage. It abounds in places of vast tourist interest and tourist spots that are the top flavour for the foreign tourists who can combine their visit for the treatment along with visiting tourist spots afterwards in a short duration of stay all within fraction of the cost expected.
Why Trupati Eye Centre?
  • Trupati Eye Centre is amongst most reputed centres in India and has surgeons who have an established name in the field of ophthalmology.
  • The Doctors and staff at Tirupati eye Centre are fluent in English.
  • international exposure with world-class surgical expertise.
  • There is an availability of State of the art equipment at the Centre.
Treatment Cost?

A major driving factor that influences International Patient arrival is the cost advantage they get when using our facility. A small example regarding the same is illustrated below: -

Cost Comparison
Procedure Tirupati Eye Centre, India ($) USA ($) Savings
Cataract 900 to 1600 1700 to 3500 >50%
Refractive Surgeries 1200 to 2400 (Both Eyes) 4500 to 6000 (Both Eyes) >50%
Medical Visa

A separate category of Visa has been initiated by Govt. of India only for foreign patients. All Indian Mission/ Posts abroad grant the Medical Visa. We would be happy to assist in every way possible to process the same.

Travel, Stay & Airport Pickup ?

We can help you tie up with top professional people who are highly experienced & who can help you in making arrangements for your travel, stay and airport pick up too. They can also help you plan your whole trip along with tourism and sightseeing.