Tirupati Charitable Trust

Registration No.- DIT (E) 2005 - 2006 / T-1006 / 05 / 2705.
Income Tax Exempted under section 80 G of I.T act 1961.
Head office

Tirupati Charitable Trust
C - 18 B, MIG Flat, Munirka
New Delhi- 67 (India)

Address for correspondence

Dr. R.C Sharma
Managing trustee Tirupati Eye Center
C-8 Sector 19 Noida- 201301 UP (India)

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Tirupati charitable trust was established with the main motive of providing free eye care and treatment on charitable basis to the poor, needy, older and helpless population of the country, particularly in the rural areas. The charitable activities include:

Arranging of free eye camps for the poor, needy, old and helpless patients with eye ailments particularly in rural areas. Several camps have been organized by the trust in different areas, where specialist eye surgeons check up and advise treatment to the public.

Holding of free charitable O.P.D.s

Conducting eye surgeries either at a very marginal cost or if required free of cost to the needy poor patients and senior citizens. The surgeries and free eye O.P.D.s are conducted at Tirupati Eye Centre which is a super specialized eye hospital having facilities for all types of eye surgeries using latest techniques and equipments. It has on panel a team of dedicated doctors who are interested in charity work and are involved in the above mentioned activities. Tirupati Eye Centre is associated with Tirupati Charitable Trust.

Carrying out school eye check ups in schools that are located in areas which are inhabited by people belonging to the lower socio economic group.

The camps organized by Tirupati charitable trust follow the following protocol:

First Phase: Screening

On the day of the screening camp, a team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, ward boys and lab technician reach the site. Cataract patients are screened out and their routine investigations are carried out on the same day. Patients are given preoperative medications and dates of surgeries in the coming week in a divided manner (approximately 15 surgeries/day)

Second Phase: Surgeries

The patients are transferred in an ambulance to the main centre in the morning every day.
Surgeries are performed during the day in the O.T. using strict aseptic precautions

School Eye Check UPS

Several eye problems are seen in the school going children. These include refractive errors or need to use glasses, convergence insufficiency or muscle weakness, vitamin A deficiency and subsequent dry eye, squint, seasonal allergies and sometimes cataract. Quite a few times these are not detected either because the child does not complain or because the parents do not have financial means to get the child treated. Tirupati charitable trust collaborates with schools in areas inhabited by people belonging to lower socio economic strata. Children in these schools are screened for any eye problems, problem children are identified, their parents are called and counseled, treatment is provided to these children by Tirupati charitable Trust Centre either at no cost or at a very marginal cost.

A humble request is being made to all NGOs, social welfare organizations and to all conscientious and capable citizens to come forward to help the trust by the way of donations in the form of monetary funds or equipments for carrying out the charitable activities to give eyesight to the poor, blind, senior citizens especially in the rural areas. Any type of help in this regard will be beneficial for the trust and will be highly appreciated. Needless to say these donations will be utilized exclusively for the charitable activities mentioned above by the trust.